KYC and ID Verification Troubleshooting

KYC Troubleshooting

Unsuccessful Identity Check

If your identity check is marked 'Unsuccessful,’ you may try again.

Here are a few important tips to help make sure your identity check is processed and verified:

  • If you’re submitting your driver's license, take a photo of both the front and the back of your ID in a well-lit area, free of any glare
  • Make sure that your ID is in focus and fully visible for the photo
  • When taking your selfie, remain still until your photo is captured and displayed on the screen
  • Make sure the ID you are using is valid and has not expired
  • Follow every step as directed in the KYC process 
  • Failure to meet these criteria may cause a delay or rejection of your KYC

How long does this process take?

  • Most of the time, the verification will be processed almost instantly.  
  • We will conduct a manual review in the event that the verification upload fails. This may take several days to handle. 

Regional Limits

Some countries are prohibited from using the platform. These include:

○     Afghanistan
○     Central African Republic (the)
○     Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)
○     Cuba
○     Guinea-Bissau
○     Iran (Islamic Republic of)
○     Iraq
○     Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of)
○     Libya
○     Mali
○     Russia
○     Somalia
○     South Sudan
○     Sudan (the)
○     Syrian Arab Republic
○     Ukraine
○     Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
○     Yemen

Account Suspensions

  • In order to protect users and the platform, we may exercise caution and ban or suspend users who fail their identity checks or commit suspicious activity.

Other Errors with Identity Verification

  • If you run into any additional issues not described here, please submit a support ticket here.