What is SUKU?

SUKU's blockchain-based tracking, tracing, and authentication system forms the foundation for the InfiniteWorld marketplace

  • SUKU uses distributed ledger technology to make supply chains more transparent, efficient, and accessible by offering a supply-chain-as-a-service platform that connects businesses and consumers.
  • The SUKU team consists of a group of successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders with a background in supply chain from Deloitte’s Blockchain Lab. SUKU is developed by its parent company Citizens Reserve, Inc., headquartered in Los Gatos, California.
  • The SUKU Ecosystem uses an on-demand, open software distribution model, consisting of applications and services that are utilized by SUKU Trading Partners and built with SUKU Technology Partners. 
  • The SUKU Ecosystem connects Trading Partners (buyers and sellers) and Technology Partners in a distributed ecosystem, enabling business networks to expand and benefit from supply chain technology, all while providing additional benefits to the end consumer. 
  • To learn more, please visit SUKU