What is the marketplace?

InfiniteWorld is the marketplace to discover and collect truly unique digital creations by the world's most creative minds.

  • We empower digital creators with the tools to protect and sell their digital creations to their fans and collectors. Artists, photographers, writers, and more use the marketplace to create and sell their work online through the use of blockchain technology.
  • Artists can sell NFTs in a digital capacity, and where possible, also list a redeemable physical product associated with that asset. 

    What makes our marketplace unique?

  • Digital asset transactions on the blockchain use the super-efficient Hedera Hashgraph platform, which means low carbon usage.

  • Our marketplace provides the opportunity to have physical tagging for an NFT that you list on the platform.  This gives the user a chance to buy and then redeem an authenticated creation.

  • We offer the option for both credit cards and cryptocurrencies for digital payments. 
  • Found in the marketplace are some of the most high-end, exclusive, and unique brands in the NFT space.
  • To access the Marketplace and various products, click here.